Dec 2018/Jan 2019

The Travel Hot List 2019 - Argentina - African Safari: Trip Planner - The Baltic states - WanderSleeps: Ryokans plus much more...
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The Travel Hot List 2019

Belizean blue waters, Greenlandic isolation, Argentinian bargains, Rwanda’s remarkable recuperation… they’re all here in our team’s scrupulous pick of must-visit destinations for the coming year


The Iguazú Falls is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world. But there’s far
more to Argentina’s far north than a cool cascade. We go on a Mission to the country’s historic north-east border.

African Safari: Trip Planner

Do you want to track the continent’s big game on foot or in a dugout canoe? Explore vast savannahs or sweeping dunes? Focus on birds or bigger beasts? Plot your perfect safari with our expert guide to the wildlife experience of a life time.

The Baltic states

As the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia mark their centenaries, we wander medieval streets, bogs and borders to unravel a trio of nations looking to move beyond a difficult past.

WanderSleeps: Ryokans

These traditional Japanese inns come in all shapes, sizes, ages and areas. Our diverse selection all have one thing in common – that authentic taste of soothing Japanese hospitality

Plus: Go Now – Shanghai; Benedict Allen; First 24 Hours in Durban; Madagascar’s terrific traffic by Hilary Bradt; Unseen London; Rembrandt’s Amsterdam; Sydney vs Melbourne; northern lights trips