May/June 2020

7 Great Island Hopping Destinations

From whale-watching in the Azores to hiking volcanic landscapes in the Aegean Sea or trying alternative culture in Okinawa, these islands offer a different kind of isolation and adventure for everyone



A true bucket-list destination,  the Galapagos is the ultimate travel and nature-lovers destination – just don’t expect the wildlife to practise socially distancing


Brittany, France

Carolyn Boyd explores island life along France’s rugged wild west – its Atlantic coast


Dispatches: Alice Morrison

The intrepid Scottish adventurer spent three months crossing 2,000km of the Sahara with camels


Short Break: Galway, Ireland

Galway may be a European City of Culture 2020 but this lively and diverse city and its surrounding countryside is worth a visit at any time


Why we still need to travel

Lyn Hughes explains why what you love doing best is important


Plus… Travel Icon: Rhodes, Greece; Sardinian cuisine; Head to head: Guernsey vs Jersey; Go now: Cape Town; and lots, lots more…



…A trip to the Greek Islands, courtesy of Sunvil