Nov/Dec 2021

AlUla, Saudi Arabia - The Great Deserts of the world - Salzburgerland, Austria - The Åland Islands, Finland - The US Civil Rights Trail and much more!
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AlUla, Saudi Arabia: Desert wonders, clear skies and the relics of kingdoms past. we beat the crowds to rediscover Arabia’s best-kept secret...

The Great Deserts of the world: Hot, cold, sandy, salty, empty, enormous, desolate, biodiverse – the planet’s driest places come in many shapes and forms but will always blow you away

Salzburgerland, Austria, dishes up classic Austria at its most natural and authentic: Take the high road to a land of lakes, peaks, hikes, heartfelt songs and naked saunas.

The Åland Islands, Finland: Once Swedish, long ruled by Russia, now sort-of part of Finland, these Baltic-lapped islands play by their own rules – and remain one of Europe’s most intriguing outposts.

The US Civil Rights Trail: Linking little-visited Southern states, the important route takes visitors on a moving and enriching journey through the momentous events that changed a nation

PLUS… WanderSleeps: Hoi An; European Short Break: East Iceland; Dispatches: Jeonju, South Korea; British Break: Northumberland; Hidden USA: Oregon; Indigenous culture: South Africa’s Rainbow Nation; Off-the-grid: Dakar, Senegal; Dream Sleep: The View, Monument Valley; Double Bill: Coimbra & Aveiro, Portugal; Dispatches: Alladale, Scotland; World food: Georgia and much much more...