Oct 2020

Travellers Needed - Iceland - Northern Thailand - Turkey: the world's oldest temple - Wye Valley, UK - British Break: Arnside - Dispatches: Beirut - Head to head : Slovenia vs Slovakia - Lets travel with kindness and much more!
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Travellers Needed!

Spectacular scenery. Incredible wildlife. Crowd-free sites. We highlight five destinations where you’ll not only have an amazing time but you’ll also be making a difference by visiting.


With its dramatic and empty landscapes, Iceland is the perfect destination for a post-lockdown trip. Mark Stratton discovers epic history and a bounty of wildlife on his recent visit.

Northern Thailand

Martin Symington takes a hilltribe trek to find how community-based tourism helps the diverse cultures of Thailand’s rugged north.

Turkey: the world’s oldest temple

Far away from Turkey’s resorts is a little-known area crammed with historic sites, including the world’s oldest manmade structures at Gobekli Tepe

Wye Valley, UK: Go Now! 

The beautiful Wye Valley was the UK’s original staycation destination, and is still a wonderful place for autumn walks, foraging and canoeing. 

British BreakArnside, UK

Away from the crowds of the Lake District is a little-known corner of southern Cumbria with glorious scenery and the UK’s best sunsets

Dispatches: Beirut – time to rebuild

Our correspondent reveals how the support offered to a popular local restaurant symbolises how Beirut will rise again from the ashes

Head to head: Slovenia vs Slovakia

Which one would you choose?

Let’s travel with kindness

Why you should go out of your way to make someone’s day

Plus… Travel Icon: Wawel Cathedral, Krakow; Reader Tips: Lake District; and lots, lots more…